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Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom Foot OrthoticsfootOverOrthotic_withLine.png

An 'orthotic' is a device designed to
restore your natural foot function. Many 'biomechanical' (walking)
complaints such as heel pain, knee pain and lower back pain are caused
by poor foot function. Orthotics re-align the foot and ankle bones to
their neutral position, thereby restoring natural foot function. In
turn this helps alleviate problems in other parts of the body.

In addition, orthotics give a more even weight distribution, taking
pressure of sore spots (e.g. the ball of the foot, corns in between
toes, bunions etc) and they provide some shock absorption.

Who needs orthotics?
Orthotics benefit people with back pain, hip pain, knee, foot
pain or discomfort due to walking imbalance . Imbalances such as Flat
fee, heel pain, knee pain and shin pain are known to cause pain and
discomfort into the pelvis and spine.

Can you wear the orthotics during all daily activities?
People who stand or walk all day will benefit from orthotics.

If you suffer from pain during any form of sporting exercise then orthotics can reduce the pain associated with your condition.

For overweight individuals, orthotics will help to counteract the extra stress being placed on the feet.

What specific conditions may be helped?
Below is a list of all the conditions that orthotics can help.
Back pain, Hip pain, Knee pain, Ankle pain, Achilles Tendonitis, Corns,
Metatarsalgia, Sesamoiditis, Ankle Sprains, Flat Feet, Neuroma,
Tendonitis, Arch Pain, Heel Pain, Pronation, Top of the foot pain,
Bunions, Shin Pain, Toe Pain. Imbalance in your feet can alter the bony
structure of your feet and lower legs, foot orthotics may eliminate
posture problems and back, foot and leg pain.

Do I need a physician's prescription to get custom orthotics?
No. Chiropractors are primary health care professional and
therefore do not need a physician's referral. Custom orthotics are
orthotics that are especially molded to your feet. A Chiropractor can
properly determine if you require orthotics. The best orthotics are
formed from a plaster cast rather than a fancy computer foot pad and
the orthotic needs to be made by a Chiropodist.

Why do I need orthotics?

Imbalances of the bones of the feet can result in abnormal foot motion
(over pronation). This can impair foot function which can result in
abnormal rotation of the legs and sometimes affects the knees, hips or
back. If we combine these tremendous forces with the need for precise
balance, we can see how small structural changes in the foot can make
significant differences. Orthotics help to improve those structural

How long will my Foot Orthotic Last?

Usually around 12 months depending on activity level.

Does it take time to get used to orthotics?
Your feet need time to adjust to the correct biomechanical
(walking) position. Orthotics should be gradually used to begin with.
During the first 48 hours of use, use the orthotics for approximately
3-4 hours. After this period of time it is recommended you use the
orthotics for 6-8 hours. In the second week of use the orthotics can be
utilized all day.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "A hip injury brought me to Dr. Rory. He worked wonders on me. Everytime I went in I couldn't walk or sit without it hurting. After I saw Dr. Rory I felt like a million bucks!!! I Highly recommend him to all my friends!!!"
    Sherri V. Palos Heights, IL

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